I am now reborn

Truth has been shown to me al along, even if I was blinded by Serpents. They forgot the light was inside my heart therefore my eyes were not needed.

How can we forget where we truly come from? How can we be deceived by what is nothing compared to the kingdom of God?

Why is sin so tempting when we pay the price of a life without a Soul?

New age deceiving prophets feed on our need for acceptance in the world of flesh, but we have already been blessed with Love that goes beyond your ability to dream.

Do not seek what is already within because the demons are waiting to fill in any void  where you fail to trust your Creator.

Appreciation of what is priceless is the only way to find peace.

Bless you all and may Love motivate your existence.❤️


Electric Earth

I sense something  in the air

Bleeding sin

Covering our planet with human dust

Filling our seeds While eating what feeds

How can we live like this? In complete lack of trust

Lost in electric love

Can’t you see they are slaughtering our souls?

How can we breath like this

With nothing in the air


What is real is not true

What if emotions is all we have

All that separates us from robots

Escaping the binary song

We are only observers

Of images on a screen of water

Inside a deep womb

What is true is not real

My heart can feel

My tears can taste

Love can dream

Dreams can hate

Human faith

Only Self can create


Through my coloured veins

I get to feel you sometimes

An acid taste of light

My dearest Dark night

I fear you

Just like you fear God

I know you have no true power

Seeking the embodiment of pain

Vampires playing symphonies of guilt

Even the gardens smell like shame

The anima lost in the game

I forgive you for being so endlessly vain

So you can let go of chasing me

because I choose the Truth even before I was able to choose.



Maybe its all good
We could cynically swallow the dust
Life is greyness
We would explode in pure light
We would dissapear in a black space
Sparkling ashes
Beautiful rain
Such a shameless holographic game
My ego will eat me
Its hungry for the old me
She does not want me to see
Let the water take me
To the deep source
Guide me
To the beginning and the end
Round like the sun
Deep like the moon
I want to dive in the grey matter
Forget what i knew
What I thought I was
I am
I will always be
Thats my only role
To be a mirror of my soul.